Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Key

Gearing up for my annual Girls Weekend, I was at the store today to stock up on a few necessary grocery items. (Okay. Let's face it - it was for garnishes for my fantabulous Girls Weekend drinks.) Seeing no standard limes, I picked up a bag of ugly looking tiny Key limes and inspected them. Suddenly, up from my hands wafted this most wondrous smell!  It was them! They had the most splendidly sweet and citrusy subtle scent of a sultry summer soirĂ©e.  I wanted to bathe in them! (It's happened often enough that you could say this is my standard reaction when I really like the smell of something.)

Then I spied the big, uniformly green, regular limes for much less in the next aisle.  I wondered aloud if I should put back the more expensive bag of little discolored ones in favor of the pretty standard limes. They were going to be for decorative touches after all.

My daughter chimed in and said, "But did you smell these limes?" holding up the bag of Key limes.

She knows. The nose knows. I'm a sucker for smell and the incredible smell of these limes won me over. The drink will be pretty enough in its decorative glass with the salted rim and the gently muddled melange of red chili, green basil, and yellow ginger.  But between now and the end of my car trip to our GW destination, I'll get to smell that nearly indescribable memory.

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