Sunday, February 5, 2012

Today's Big Bowl Odds: 11:1

That's right, friends and dog lovers! The anticipated number of viewers of Superbowl XLVI to number of viewers for the PuppyBowl  VIII is 110 million to 10 million. I hadn't realized that the underdog's popularity was even that high!

What's the PuppyBowl you ask?

If you have more interest in flyball than football, are still bitter about your team's loss, or just don't want to look at Madonna, tune in to Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl.  If, during the game, your still find yourself wondering, What exactly is that PuppyBowl? you should, as my friend Amy urged me in 2009, "Go turn on Animal Planet right now and find out!"

This year promises to be bigger and better!

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