Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yummy Spheres O’ Delight

Today I made three grain-free recipes, two savory, one sweet. Oddly, all the food I cooked had the same round, single-serving form.  There is something very attractive to me about single servings and the roundness comes from the easiest shape to make freehand as in the case of the Italian Scotch Eggs, or cooked in forms, such as the Greek Meat Muffins and the Gingerbread muffins.

The first two recipes were from Melissa Joulwan’s fabulous cookbook, Well Fed, and the third was from this blog under flourless gingerbread.  All are delicious!

Here are my flourless gingerbread muffins but I didn’t have any maple flavoring and I don’t use stevia, so I substituted for both with 2 Tbsp of maple syrup. There is only one of a dozen muffins left and there are only three people in the house and that’s all I’m saying.

Italian Scotch Eggs: I add my favorite red sauce and it tastes like a Chicago-style pizza (you know, if you haven’t ever had a Chicago-style pizza – but it is really good.) This picture makes it look much more anemic than it is in real life, but that does give me even more of a hankering to make corton which looks rather gray on its best day!

Greek Meat Muffins made with one addition: feta! Spinach, lamb, and feta! Hello! What's not to love? These are delicious and so conveniently packaged.

As I was rolling the egg in its Italian seasoned pork blanket and realized that the gingerbread muffins were also round individual servings, I couldn’t help but think of Cher in Mermaids. Does anyone remember that movie? In addition to sharing screen time with the erstwhile Jake Ryan (Michael Schoeffling in the only other role I've ever seen him in), Cher, as the single mother of two girls, knows only how to make party finger food and that’s what she feeds her family.

Today, as so often happens for various reasons, I felt like Cher. I think we’re all just glad I didn’t get it in my head to use a cookie cutter to make everything shaped liked stars (or dogs). 

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