Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Putting the Dash in Dasher: The Finnish Lapphund

Just when you thought you might have a handle on identifying the various spitzes (#3), they go and add another one or two to the mix. I think the foxy collar of the Norwegian Lundehund is distinctive enough to stand apart from the other spitzes - especially in the non-sporting group - but the impressive array of acceptable colors and markings of the Finnish Lapphund just confuses the issue further for me.  A medium height dog, the Lapphund can be black, blonde, brown, tan, cream, wolf sable, blue, brindle, and saddle! With that standard spitz smile, triangular ears, and curled-up tail, how is one to distinguish them from the other spitz types?

Surprisingly NOT a Samoyed!
(Wikipedia commons)
It appears, that except for the all cream color  (looks like a Samoyed to me), the Lapphund is likely to have some amazing facial markings.  Check out the spectacles and eyebrows on these beauties:

Cool spectacles!
(Wikipedia commons)
Spectacles and Eyebrows!
(Wikipedia commons)

Members of the Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain Photos.

Apart from this noticeable physical distinction, these dogs were bred and are still used as reindeer herders! That’s right. They keep Santa’s team in line up there in Lapland. If you couldn't tell by its name, its fluffy double coat signifies that the Lapphund is a cold weather dog, but they are reported to make very nice family pets as well.  

I’ll be looking for this dandy who puts the dash in Dasher on Monday night as part of the herding group.

For more information, you check the usual sources, and The Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain which seems to be the only national club that has any useful information including rescue. 

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