Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WKC Dog Show 2012 Monday Night Results

The Hound Group went first and it was a little disappointing. For the second, or third year in a row, I liked Chanel, the Whippet (who took third), and the PBGV (who took second), and much to my surprise, I really liked the longhaired dachshund!  She was very alert and peppy and walked so beautifully which are some things that I never say about the stunted little dogs!  I was most impressed with the Plott, a relative newcomer on my radar with a – dare I say – f’ugly breed name, unless you name her Plan and so can introduce her as “my Plott, Plan.” (A little civil engineering humor for you there.) Everyone in the house agreed that the Rhodesian Ridgeback was a stunning dog. (Hey – I used to know a civil engineer who owned a Rhodie!)

Alas, my picks were not to be for the wire-haired dachshund took first place in this group! That’s right, the squatty little professor of English Lit-ra-chur looking beast won.  Harumph.
Then came the Toy Group which was my chance to escape to make cookies. I understand the irony in my wanting to escape this judging because I own a toy dog. In my defense, she is the biggest of the Toy Group (or so I discovered last night), and really, at twenty pounds, she’s a beast compared to some of these pocket dogs. Actually, it wasn’t their teeniness that bothered me so much as the pushed-in faces. Again – the irony does not escape me – but my dog has a nose; those poor toy spaniels clearly did something to spite their faces.  (But the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was still squee-worthy.)
And clearly, the judges never want the toy group to be taken seriously for they chose the possessed hassock to win the group! AGAIN! Seriously. Can’t you envision that thing in the Beast’s castle after the staff gets turned into furniture? As my daughter’s understated question implied upon looking at the thing roll along, What makes it a dog (instead of a possessed piece of furniture)?

My biggest surprise of the night came from the Non-Sporting Group (really, they must get a better name for the miscellany that is this group). First, when a naked Georgio Armani took to the ring, I was not only not repulsed, but somewhat attracted to him. I mean, it.

Xolo, Georgio Armani.  Nice Birthday Suit!

And then a Ruffian with a spotted past won the group.

Finally, the dogs of the Herding Group were driven in. I like these dogs. They work. I could not keep one because I’d have no work for them. But I can still enjoy watching them.

The Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Sheepdog (Groenendael)

The Belgian Tervuren

Again, I loved the Belgians because of their appearance and because they seem to be using their little grey cells. They’re just beautiful in addition to being keenly alert.

I was completely delighted by the Beauceron and know that I’ve seen them in Shutzhund competition videos.  I’m going to learn more about that breed.

But a traditional favorite, the king of the Schutzhund, the star of the silver screen, the German Shepherd Dog took first place. Here is Captain Crunch in all his sloping glory representing the versatility and hard working dog that is the GSD.

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