Monday, June 8, 2009

Chickeeta and the Emoticons ~:>

Today, I welcome a guest blogger, my youngest daughter who felt like writing a story.

Once upon a time, Bob saw a chicken.
:-) ~:>

“AWWWWW!” he cried. “How cute!”

Bob’s mom and dad were very stern.
:-( :-(

“Chickens are filthy!” cried his mom. She had a hollow, stuck-up voice, and she talked like she was in an opera.

She hadn’t even looked at the chicken.

“They take mud baths!” said his dad. He talked in only one note: a low C.

“Uhh, so do I, dear. It‘s good for your skin. Soooo… these chickens take… healthy baths?”
:-( :-o :-) ~:>

“I guess…” said Bob in a sing-songy voice, hoping his mom was caving in.

“Oh, how… smart, they are. Oh, they are kind of cute… in a way… you know… I wouldn’t mind one… in fact… I’d even, maybe like one…”

The dad, though, was still unhappy.

:-( :-) :-) ~:>

“It would get in the way of my cooking! Getting feathers in my mushrooms and eggs, which I loooooooooooove.”

“Dad! Chickens lay eggs!”

“They do?” his dad asked suddenly in a high C.
:-o :-) :-) ~:>


“LET’S GET THAT CHICKEN!” cried the family. So they bought it.
:-D :-D :-D <:~

They lived in harmony, happily ever after.
:-) :-) ~:> :-)

I can assure you, my voice is not hollow and stuck up.


Amy said...

Did she really write that whole story? I think it's quite good. Has she been reading The Art of Fiction?

Lynne said...

She did.

I suggested adding "in harmony" in the last line to tie-in the music theme she had going and to which she immediately agreed. I then suggested replacing two exclamation points (at the end of the first and third sentences) with periods. She needed to be convinced about that suggestion.

She hasn't gotten to the part about "don't use foreign words" in TAoF yet. Me neither.


Amy said...

Well, the harmony was my favorite part, but still, the rest was quite nice, and I didn't even need to "read" the emoticons to understand the meaning. BRAVO!

Christina said...

How musical--I love it! Favorite line: ". . . she talked like she was in an opera." I know people like that. Now if DD had written ". . . and she talked like she was in a soap opera," I know people like that, too. In fact I seem to be living in one these days. . .