Monday, June 15, 2009

Clear to Retrieve

Today my youngest and I started archery lessons. Okay, so I am approximately three times older than the second oldest person in the program and all the other homeschool mothers I know are hanging out on the sidelines happily chatting to one another - but I'm learning something new. It's fun and requires strength, concentration, and some coordination. And I get to shoot arrows!

It's FITA style Olympic archery and we shoot at targets that looks like this:

And while I look much more like this,

than this,

today, I'm training "on line".

Tomorrow, who knows?


Fiddler said...

Ah, this mom on the sidelines was trying to keep two friendless children happy in the rain. And then in the van with a wet dog. That was fun. Dog's staying home tomorrow. Wish I could say the same about the younger two kids, but I think if I pull a Mr. & Mrs. Darling and leave the dog in charge that would be frowned upon. : )

LB said...

Actually, in my mind I did not count you among the "happily chatting" even though I said "all" of them.

Looks like another fun day in the rain! Today, I think we get the ponies.

Rajesh said...

Tomorrow, who knows?

You mean you could look like that and do the archery on the horseback or is it ponyback? Now that would be something. :)

LB said...

That WOULD be something, especially since I was one of the very few "kids" who did not achieve Yeoman status today (30 measly points on the target). I can see my pony dreams fading right in front of my very eyes.

Now if I could only see the target as clearly.