Monday, June 22, 2009

Going Green Tip #5: Immerse Your Children in Politics

This is the description of a new picture book (26 pages) entitled Going Green from the editorial staff at Amazon.

This imaginative book offers a unique approach to our world "going green," through the wide eyes of a little girl. Combined with beautiful illustrations, the story unfolds with each surprising change that is noticed by the girl. First, it happens to her good friend, Cynthia beginning with a leaf...then a branch. She observes many more people changing in very special ways. She watches as Congress "goes green" and even the President and First Family are in various states of metamorphoses. Although some people are slower to change, will the entire planet eventually "go green"? And, what will happen to the little girl?
Can you think of anything better than extolling the virtues of congressmen going green? Screw lush imaginative fanciful morality tales people, feed your pre-schoolers some good old-fashioned political stumping. But not really on a stump. I'm certain that would violate some sort of environmental tenet.

For those of you who do not find this type of story attractive, I'd like to direct you to this beautiful children's book, The Wishing of Biddy Malone.


Doug Reich said...

Do they ever answer "what will happen to the little girl"?

If they don't, we should write a sequel where she dies of a painful disease while subsisting on grass and bugs in a cold damp cave.

LB said...

No, they don't and frankly, I'm curious.

The cover illustration implies that she (and others) turn into a tree or something like that, so maybe it has an anti-green rather than an anti-man message!

Or not.

I should note that I received this message as someone who bought the picture book based on a true story of Aani and The Tree Huggers a few years back.

Serves me right.

Principled Parent said...

I got "The Wishing of Biddy Malone" from the library and just finished reading it--what a wonderful book! I'm so glad you mentioned it.

LB said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I was thinking that I should do an entire post on it because I was afraid it would get lost at the bottom of this one. It's lovely, isn't it? Thanks for letting me know.