Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Note to Homeschooling Parents

To ensure your safety when casually reading through curriculum materials don't gesticulate wildly while your full cup of black coffee teeters on the edge of your lap desk as it rests across you in bed. Three out of those five circumstances might be okay, but adding the other two added approximately two hours of laundry and hard labor to my day.  

On the plus side, my folly did generate this priceless juxtaposition of the trappings of homeschooling and some fabulously clean, lavender scented bed linens.


Fiddler said...

My, that book looks familiar, though I hope not to emulate your (ahem) artistic addition.

Lynne said...

Aren't you impressed with how far my preparation has come since mid-summer? I was trying to figure out how best to construct the timeline. Needless to say, I became rather sidetracked and did not yet accomplish my quest!