Monday, September 13, 2010

3 Good Things (weekend edition)

1) Friday: Inspector Lewis

I just learned about this Masterpiece Mystery last weekend when I caught a repeat episode of the new season on television.  I really enjoyed the interplay between the two detectives, Lewis and Hathaway, their different thinking abilities, and, I must confess, DS Hathaway's Alan-Rickman-like voice.

2) Saturday: Newport, RI

It was a lovely, lovely day to meet friends along the mansion Cliff Walk in Newport.  I might as well admit upfront that it was also the first day of clog wearing season and in a sort of homecoming for my red clogs, which I bought there in February 2009, I made a grand statement in them by falling on my face on the cliff walk. Had I no hands, I would now lack teeth as well. Except for my pride, I remained uninjured. As I rolled over and off the path, I had to laugh my head off. As one of our companions offered, considering our location, 40-50 feet above the rocky coast of the Atlantic, it could have been much, much worse.

Even better than such slapstick fun was meeting the ARARI Objectivists. Ellen and Harris Kenner were warm and incredibly hospitable hosts. There were over twenty of us gathered for a nice dinner at The Landing and coffee and dessert and discussion after. The view of Newport harbor on such a gorgeous night was incomparable.

3) Sunday: Pink Champagne (no ice) and Football

As we celebrated the beautiful fall day with food shopping, beef stew cooking (including the smell of simmering thyme flooding the entire house), and the pink champagne drinking (we needed the space in the fridge), we watched the Patriots trounce the Bengals in their opening day outing.

Life is good.

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