Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fabulous, Not Frugal.

Since I've been a little concerned about our ever decreasing savings and the soon to be shrinking value of the dollar, I've altered my investment strategy to counter those negatives. I've decided to start investing in something everyone needs: shoes. That's right. Shoes.

I began small with the purchase of a single pair of these stunners from Dansko!
I've never owned a pair of Dansko shoes before, but I have to tell you that I am incredibly pleased with them. Sure they're clogs and I have some remnant clog snobbery from the 70s, but I love them! Apparently, as the name implies, these are professional clogs for women who stand or walk all day on the job. And I can understand why. They're so comfortable to wear and walk in, and, oh, did I mention fun? Red patent leather!

It's true. I was only window shopping on our recent Girls Weekend and went into the store to look at the animal print and pony hair clogs (from Sanita), but once I tried these on, I knew we belonged together. The knowledgeable and friendly saleswoman described exactly how they should fit before she went out back to get the shoes. And she was right! The European size she chose for me fit perfectly. In addition to the sheer comfort and high-spirited style these provide, I plan to wear them every fall, winter, and spring for years to come in order to get the most for my money.

Sometimes a mundane moment and a practical purchase can turn into something fabulous (if not exactly frugal)!


HaynesBE said...

I have 2 pair: a smooth burgundy pair and a denim-blue suede pair. I love them! Comfortable; look great; and they make me taller than my 16 y.o. son (at least for now.)

Lynne said...

Yes. I forgot to mention the added benefit of added height! I'm glad to know that you like them enough to buy another pair.

Today, my dental hygienist said I looked like Dorothy. I don't care how she meant it - I took it as a compliment.