Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dog Week

You’ve heard of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, Senior Week for graduating high schoolers, and you may have even heard of Staff Appreciation Week (when the school ropes the parents into giving more time and money than they already have). Well, this week on 3 Ring Binder, I present Dog Week.

In preparation for the Westminster Kennel Club’s upcoming AKC Dog Show beginning next Monday, each day this week I will be posting seven “3 Good Things” – one devoted to each group of dogs represented in the show. Now, I know what you’re thinking: But why, LB?

As I see it, except as a direct food source (which I’m sure happens, but I’d rather not discuss), dogs are unparalleled in the animal kingdom in terms of how they have been bred to match our needs. They work for us (hunt, pull, guard, swim, fetch, herd, rat, run), are constant and loyal companions, and can live an entire lifetime providing us with simple amusement. They are a diverse group of animals with amazingly varied skills and attributes, all of which have been bred for one purpose: to serve man.

While I am certainly more impressed with an individual dog’s performance in an obedience trial than with the beauty pageant aspect that this dog show represents, there is no better way to see and learn about the differences between the many species than by watching and listening at Westminster. I will begin tomorrow by presenting three good dogs from my favorite group – the working group.

I know. I’m excited too.


Kendall J said...

Ooh, say something good about poodles when you get to the non-Sporting Group!

We love poodles!

Lynne said...

I will!

I saw Moxie's awesome trial photos a while back - I particularly love his "Pilot to Tower" look.

May I link to it in the "Non-Sporting" post?

Amy said...

Somehow I end up watching this every year. It really is amazing how many breeds humans have created.

Did you know PuppyBowl is on Animal Planet right this minute? I think it repeats all night.

Lynne said...

I opted for the Superbowl (well, at least the half-time show - "Glory Days" was certainly appropriate let's just say) and for researching dog breeds.

What exactly is a PuppyBowl?

Amy said...

Go turn on Animal Planet right now and find out!

Lynne said...

My money's on Zander (the Pug).

It looks just like our puppy class on astroturf.

Kendall J said...


Link away! btw, I like pugs too. Damn smart dogs!