Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Virtual Coffee Mug #4

I have started at least four posts of some substance and been sidetracked by one thing or another, so I've decided to let loose some of the linky love (TM) I have built up inside (or in the coffee mug on my desk if you prefer).

Is it wrong to have a two year-old as my new fashion icon? I don't care. She works that wig like nobody's business.

I have fallen into another doggie-do pile. This time it's the Iditarod Dogsled Race! Check out all that is Iditarod on both the official website, and on the website of my friend and fellow homeschooler, Fiddler. We are still in the planning stages of constructing a giant wall map (thinking about using painter's tape) and then picking our mushers to follow. The race starts on March 7, so there's still time for you to prepare.

Two new blogs have caught my eye - well, let's face it - I noticed because they stopped by my blog. Both bloggers seem to be just starting out, but had the serious good taste to link to my blog in their sidebars. The Nuts and Bolts of It and My Own World, neither of whom are known to me that I know of (is that redundant or am I just repeating myself?) but both of whom have something to say. Miz. Mason of My Own World has also paid me a serious compliment, for which I am sincerely grateful.

Finally, I really want to include Grand Funk Railroad's Some Kind of Wonderful, but I just can't find a good YouTube video of it, so instead, I give you their American Band.

Before you press play, be forewarned: you must love cowbell (and who doesn't?) and be able to tolerate semi-nude guys from the 70s!


KS said...

LB Thank you for mentioning me in your blog (The Nuts and Bolts of It). I am always looking for insightful, intelligent and interesting perspectives on life and the world we live in, thus prompting me to include your site in my blog list.

Happy Blogging, KS

LB said...

And happy blogging to you, too. I look forward to reading more.