Saturday, February 14, 2009


As I was gone a black-berrying this afternoon, I found something so strange that I just had to add to my blog for my own future enjoyment.

I like fashion. I like hats. I like dogs. Ergo...hairhats.

Perhaps you've seen them before, if not, enjoy the odd whimsy.

(For dog lovers, click on bottom row 1, 2, and 4. Frankly, I don't know what's so special about the bottom row second from right - that's about what my hair looks like every morning.)

Update: I couldn't resist looking around the site, which is now called Nagi Noda, and I found these two lovely little pieces of video: LaForet Butterfly and a small love story about Alex & Juliet.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Stephen Bourque said...

I suppose there is a certain beauty to the hairhats that supplants the initial revulsion - especially if they are seen only from a distance and they adorn the heads of willowy supermodels.

For a slightly more tasteless type of hat (or tasteful, depending upon your point of view), check out Hats of Meat, which I heard about when I was listening to a podcast of KCRW's Good Food. There are some pretty bizarre things out there in the world.

Lynne said...

Well, that's just gross.

Okay - and slightly amusing.