Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WKC Winners Day One: Scots and Coifs

The four group winners at the WKC Dog Show last night were those of Scottish descent and those with outrageous hairdos!


#1 Scottish Deerhound
#2 Irish Wolfhound (my personal favorite in this group)
#3 Bloodhound (very nice)
#4 Wirehaired Dachshund (hind legs collapse under her during rough turn by handler – didn’t seem to effect judging)

The PBGV, which I usually don’t care for, should have made the first cut in my opinion.

Fascinating tidbit: In addition to the legginess and narrower head, the American Foxhound differs from the English Foxhound in that the American is an individual hunting dog, where the English is a pack animal. So, there.


#1 Scottish Terrier (My favorite in this group which is also a first for me)
#2 Sealyham (ew.)
#3 Norwich
#4 Miniature Schnauzer

Except for the top dog, my picks were not in line with the judge’s. I liked the Miniature Bull Terrier, the Smooth Fox Terrier, and the Parson Russell Terrier.


#1 Standard Poodle (If Moxie was watching, I hope he wasn’t too embarrassed by his compadre’s haircut. Amazingly, though, the dog looks quite regal in his photo despite the do.)
#2 French Bulldog (My favorite in this group – I couldn’t believe how tiny and adorable it was.)
#3 Bulldog (The handler kept shoving the dog’s tongue back in its mouth – is that legal?)
#4 Bichon Frise (I just don’t like the ways these dogs look.)


#1 Puli (One of the dreadlock Rasta dogs – the other, the Komondor will show tonight in the working group.)
#2 Bouviers des Flandres (Milkcart dog – not the Black Russian Terrier even though with the clip, it sort of looks like the one in the picture from the working dog group.)
#3 Rough Collie (Think Lassie – this one had a very cool marled coat where the dark brown would be on Lassie.)
#4 Old English Sheepdog (Box O’Hair is what I would name this particular do.)

I was mostly impressed by the Belgian Tervuren in this group, and the very alert Sheltie, but interested also in the Beauceron and the Swedish Vallhund, both of which were showing in only their second year as recognized breeds at Westminster.

Tonight we can enjoy the Sporting, Working, and Toy group judging and finally, the Best in Show. Right now, my money's on the Scottish Terrier.


Kendall J said...

Yay for poodles! Moxie snickers a bit, but I think that is a beautiful poodle!

Lynne said...

From what I could see of him, I'd have to agree!

The host, David Frei, reminded me of Spice Girl, the miniature poodle who won WKC in 2002. I forgot - I liked her too.