Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback

This has nothing to do with last night’s Patriots game which, after half-time, we smartly slept through.  (We needed the sleep far more than we needed the fourth quarter excitement. Right?  Right??)  This has to do with the wisdom of hindsight and offering advice regarding a situation in which you have no experience.  And by you, I mean me. 

I really don’t care what kind of quarterback you are – unless you’re Tom Brady, then call me. We need to talk about the hair.

During my ten, non-blogging days, I realized that while I like blogging, I didn’t miss it. Sure I started two separate quick posts and one more substantial one, but I declined to post anything, opting instead for blog silence. I kept reading the papers, blogs, and books (more of these) that I normally do, but I didn’t want to post anything unless it could change my world.  Needless to say, that’s a mighty tall order for a blogger who produces a lot of this:

Friday Fun Facts

Three things I had to discover for myself, but that you could live a perfectly happy life without knowing.

1.       Schtupping, slang for to have sex, does not have an ‘m’ in it. Why I thought it did – Well, I’m sure I don’t know, darling!  But I still think it should.

2.       I am somehow torn between wanting to wag my finger at, and wanting to dance like a freak to, Teenage Dream. The former takes less effort, but is also far less satisfying than the latter.

3.       Having laryngitis does NOT make me sound sexy like Demi Moore, but wonky like Peter Brady.

This morning, however, I realized something even more important:  if I limit myself to posting on only potentially world changing items (e.g. politics, justice, morality), I begin to percolate a sort of personal dissatisfaction, not with the state of the world, but with my inability to fix it. I would hazard a guess that combating that potentially destructive attitude is a prerequisite to fostering big ideas; after all, celebrating my life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is a kind of a big deal. 

And so I’m back.

If you’re disappointed that this has nothing to do with football, read this post containing football AND important ideas – just the way I like it.


HaynesBE said...

But your posts DO change the world.
They brighten my day!
Glad you are back.
I miss your spice when you don't post--but I sure understand the part about getting more other stuff accomplished!

Lynne said...

Thank you, Beth. That made my day.