Monday, May 5, 2008

Asymptotically Approaching Perfection

This is how I like to think of myself in general. Specifically, I like to think that I continue to learn new and interesting things about myself and about the world everyday. I like to think that I can integrate these tiny bits of new knowledge into the small, but growing pool of intellectual tools at my disposal. I like to think that I can and often do learn from my mistakes, and not repeat them.

Recently in my frequented bit of the O’blogosphere, there has been a rash of parenting posts. Okay, there were three or four of them that I read:
here, here, and two here. In addition to these fun and thought provoking posts, I found a very amusing blog called indexed (thanks to Paul Hsieh who pointed to a post containing an indexed post), that takes some complicated ideas and boils them down to mathematical reasoning and spatial relationships. If you think this way, or can even appreciate thinking this way, you may find Jessica Hagy's blog quite entertaining.

In honor of the crapshoot that parenting most often resembles to me, and the ability to look ahead to better times when the children are grown and we can all relax and revel in the results of our perfect parenting, I offer you an age by age graph regarding struggles with and for that sometimes seemingly elusive independence: Asymptotically Approaching Parenting Perfection.

If you are a very good parent, not to mention lucky, Resistance and Need cross somewhere around the age of consent. Please note Need spikes concurrent with getting cell phone, getting driver’s license, and reaching drinking age. If you have very special children (and who doesn't?) results may vary.

Use your new knowledge wisely, my friends.

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