Friday, May 2, 2008

The Built Environment

As a late comer to the wonder that is The Palms in Dubai. I am still completely fascinated, not only in the process, but the fact that they are creating habitat for man where none existed. I am somewhat dismayed that this is happening in a Islamic nation, but mostly happy to see that the exploitation of the earth (followed by some serious problem solving efforts, I’m sure) is still being pursued somewhere. In addition to The Palms and The World, and the many other cool construction activities happening in Dubai, here are some other cool building projects in various stages of planning and development:

The Spire


Residence Antilia

The first two are being built in Chicago, while the third is the planned residence of Mukesh Ambani, in Mumbai. Cool, huh?

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Christina said...

I love reading about the Palms, the World,et. al., and there have been several Discovery Channel and NGC shows about them. For more cool ideas in the works (or just being thought about),check here for some animated clips: