Friday, May 30, 2008

When sensitivity trumps sense.

And then there is this brought to my attention on a history homeschool list to which I belong (and recommend that any one who values the importance of learning history join).

Little quiz for my 2.1 readers: How easily are you offended?
(On a scale of 1-10: 1- never, 10 -what the hell do you mean by that?)


C. August said...

How easily am I offended? Definitely a "1-never"

I just don't get offended. In fact, I don't even really understand the concept. I certainly get pissed off at stupid people or dumb things they do. I feel contempt or disgust at their actions or words. But getting offended just doesn't make any sense.

If someone says something really mean to me, even if they are trying to be offensive, I think there are two things that would come of it. If they were actually right (say, they called me a "baldy") then I can't really take offense, per se. I mean, it's a fact of reality that I have very little hair on the top of my head. But I would also evaluate their attempt at being mean, and judge them to be a jerk.

Regarding the Holocaust, or fat jokes, or racism, or whatever other types of things people get offended about... what's the point? Evaluate the facts and determine their truth or falsehood. You can't get mad at facts.

And then judge the person who uttered the "offensive" thing and decide if they are worthy of respect, contempt, disgust, or worthy of nothing.

Lynne said...

Precisely! On all counts.

Now where are my other 1.1 readers?

I find it amusing when people add, "no offense", onto the end of things they say to me. I've actually explicitly stated to someone that I just didn't care enough about his opinion to be offended in anyway. Geez, I hope he wasn't too offended!

I have absolutely noticed that women are much more likely to care whether or not they offend someone. Oddly, many apologize for things they're not even responsible for. Happily, I am not afflicted with this seemingly sex-linked trait.