Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sometimes a scarf is just a scarf.

How ridiculous!

That’s about the best thing I can say about
Dunkin’ Donuts' decision to pull print ads with Rachael Ray wearing a scarf which apparently resembles a kaffiyeh, a traditional Arab male headdress. While one may question Ms. Ray’s sartorial judgment in wearing a scarf around her neck in what is obviously beautiful weather, whether or not she is showing support for terrorism is ludicrous.

What disturbs me most is that conservative blogger Michelle Malkin is quoted at saying about the decision to pull the ad, "It's refreshing to see an American company show sensitivity to the concerns of Americans opposed to Islamic jihad and its apologists." She says this without batting an eyelash in the direction of the Muhammed cartoons. How can she not see it is this very same "sensitivity" which sacrificies our freedom of speech at the altar of political correctness?

Finally, in honor of full disclosure, I own what is, according to Ms. Malkin, a kaffiyeh. I bought it at a Jewish Community Center rummage sale over 20 years ago. No doubt about the fact that it looks like a piece of Arab clothing, but other than a brief stint as part of a Saudi Prince costume many, many Halloweens ago, it’s had a long history of keeping my neck warm and I love it.

What’s next? The ancient Middle Eastern art of belly dancing will be verboten? Oh wait, it already is – in Islamic states!

Thanks to Stephen for bringing this bit of controversy to my attention.


Kim said...

How idiotic. Though I would point out that this is as responsive we would hope that companies would be to other, more legitimate, concerns.

Lynne said...

I removed my previous comment for being too ranty.

I can do that. I own this thing and that ranty comment. :)