Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Physics made Head Boy by Headmistress Mathematica

As Objectivist homeschool parents, Kim and I have been struggling with presenting science in a pedagogically correct way. Okay, mostly Kim has been struggling with it - I have been making "helpful" suggestions or submitting "probing" questions wondering when she will next share her hard won insight.
In light of our recent discussions regarding why physics seems to be the foundational discipline in teaching science in a hierarchical manner, I thought this cartoon from xkcd was great!


Shez said...

Please let me know if you ever come up with a solution for teaching science the Objectivist way. I like the solution for high school that the Van Damme Academy has come up with (expensive though). Have you had a look at Bernard Nebel's book for early elementary?
Shez at Homeschooled Twins

LB said...

Yes - we have decided at some point to bite the bullet and buy David Harriman's Physics class. Maybe I should buy it sooner and then see what it takes to be so good.

And, no, I haven't seen the book you mention, but I'll look into it - thanks.