Saturday, June 7, 2008

What's new?

Well...I sent a link to my blog to two friends and a sibling. This is big news for me because I have been using this blog as a scratching post for Objectivism and any related ideas that I might have. As such, it can be rough, ugly, and downright loopy sounding to people who are not familiar with Objectivism, or who don't know me personally as the rather persnickety, sometimes highly animated, but otherwise normal person I am. In light of these hopefully new readers, I have also enabled "anonymous comments", but would hope that he/she would leave an identifying mark in any comments made, if not a full name (says the lady with the two initials).

So DH, MP, and DT, welcome and I hope you visit often and make nice tasty comments upon which I can chew (or ones that make me laugh are also appreciated).

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