Monday, June 16, 2008

Struck my fancy.

As my IP was once again unable to generate a DNS for my computer over the last two days, here are a few things which Struck My Fancy this weekend:

Salt by Mark Kurlansky. I’ve been trying to finish this damn book forever. It’s not that it’s a bad, boring, or belaboring book, it’s just that it’s chock full of fascinating stuff! My love of salty meat products notwithstanding, I didn’t realize that the simple white rock played such an important place in history from food preservation to rued taxation, sustenance to subsidence, mythology to geology. My curiosity was piqued by hundreds of ideas presented in the book. I was enriched by reading it.

I was really sad to hear about the death of Tim Russert. There is a nice tribute from his friends at MSNBC. His death reminded me of John Ritter’s sudden death during the prime of his popularity – both very tragic.

Finally, for you L.A. Lakers fans, did you ever notice how much Luke Walton looks like Richard Kiel?

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