Saturday, August 2, 2008


Beginning around 10:00 last night, my computer suddenly ceased to be able to open my blog and several others which use the Blogger service. I can get comments, even write posts, I think, but I can't actually make comments (as that would require me to visit the site) or visit some of the other random Blogger sites I've tried. Internet Explorer keeps blurting out an ugly horn sound (I'm sure you're all familiar with it) then posting a red "x" and telling me "operation aborted". I am lucky enough to have access to another machine, but I am frustrated!!!!

Is anyone else having this problem, does it at all sound like a familiar problem, or, she asks hopefully, an easy fix? Suggestions other than "get a new machine" are welcomed.

Update (one hour later, to be read with Roseanne Roseannadanna accent): Nevermind.


Anonymous said...

James Taggart: "I can't help it".

Against your request I can't help but offer the following:

I can't but say that a Macintosh has no such problems. Never does. I'm using a Dell as is my wife and they are in constant daily need of maintenance. I use a big G5 Mac for most of my graphic work. I do have a Mac email that never once has given me a spam or even advertisements--nothing but what I ask for.

So get a Mac my friend.

Lynne said...

Yes. That, apparently, is the answer. I am using a 5 year-old Dell laptop and the "other machine" to which I was referring is my husband's relatively new toy - his Mac laptop (of which I am jealous because often, he seems to love it more than he loves me - kidding, mostly).

I want a desk top Mac. The display is so gorgeous I can forgo the convenience of portability! Alas, I'd rather go to OCON next year, so it's daily maintenance of the Dell for me for a while.

Life is full of tough decisions.

Anonymous said...

My wife's Dell is 8 years old; mine only 2 and it's just what I said--constant maintenance. I think mine is going to die before hers. Dell doesn't make them the fine way they used to.

Yes, be jealous of your husband's Mac.

I have a 23" screen for my big Mac. Unbelievable the difference in color and clarity that the Mac gives you.

Again, get the Mac! Even their Mac Mini. When Linda's dies (or my much newer one), that's what I'm getting her (or me). That's it. Doesn't require buying a screen or mouse or anything. And it's the size of a paper-back book or there abouts.