Sunday, August 31, 2008

Passive Activism

This was my moment of inspired genius this vacation. Instead of the leftover fluffy beach reading usually found in a summer rental, I thought I'd leave a little something of substance for the next person.

When I realized that the only reading material around was a bunch of golf magazines, I had an epiphany of sorts and snugged Atlas Shrugged in right next to the Bible in the bedside table. If the Gideons can do it, the least I can do is offer a rational alternative.

By the way, I am finding Rushdie's The Enchantress of Florence confusing and unenjoyable but I must finish it. This could mean that I will not read any other novel for many months. I get that way. The only novel in the recent past that I just had to give up on was Aristotle Detective by Margaret Doody and that was a few years ago. Someday I may go back to it (mysteriously, I seem to have temporarily misplaced it), but I had stalled trying to read it for months and refused to start anything new! I should probably try to get over that.


Christina said...

There used to be (maybe there still is) a campaign to "free your books." Okay, just went and found it here. It does still exist! You sign up, put a tracking number inside the front cover, and leave it somewhere it is likely to be picked up and read. Kinda cool. Maybe I'll do it with all the breastfeeding books with which I'm soooooo done.

Lynne said...

Geez! I thought I was being so damn original. So much for the flashes-of-genius points I gave myself.

I'm going to start leaving my books all over the place. Maybe V has had the right idea all these years!