Friday, August 22, 2008

Virtual Coffee Mug #2

Je ne parle pas Francaise, mais j'essaie. Hier soir, j'ai parle avec la femme qui guardes mon fils quand il etait a France. Si cette est difficile pour vous lire, imaginez-vous comment difficile il etait pour la femme pauvre me comprends! Ah, Francais de la college etait de plus nombreuses annees. (My sincerest apologies to those of you who can actually speak or read French.)

In honor of the feisty woman who played the role of my son's mother in France, and who, without speaking 10 words of English (really) has managed to travel to America for the first time in her life, alone, no less, and who loves Marilyn Monroe (said something nasty about President Kennedy, but my French, she is not so good) and who I met only yesterday, I offer my favorite picture of Marilyn.

[I bought this poster to hang in our basement gym to inspire me, but have yet to be inspired to find the right sized poster frame to hang it. That's a problem. ]

Today's Word of the Day is ambisinister. Even though the AWAD is on my sidebar, I mention this one because I was fascinated to find that sinister is from a Latin root for "on the left side". Poor damn lefties - they're so gauche.

The older I get, the closer I get to feeling like I'm from Jersey. Oddly, this does not frighten me.

Did you know that WD40 stands for the 40th formula for a water displacement formula made by the Rocket Chemical Company and has over 2000 uses? Well thanks to some interminably forwarded email message from my brother - I do, and I'm glad of it.

Kale: what's it all about, and where can I find some good recipes (i.e. ones in which I don't actually have to taste the kale)?

Did I mention that I recently got 122 3 Ring Binders - for free! Thanks to the alertness of a friend/reader who forwarded a post on a homeschool list (to which I no longer belong) all I had to do was pick them up! I did and they're spectacular, so thanks, Manoj. Moral: It pays to advertise.

Finally, on the same topic, I have not yet reconciled the phrase "marketing strategy" with philosophy. Do guiding principles really need to be advertised? Sure, I'm frequently amazed that the practical applications of holding a collectivist or religious philosophy are not more paralyzing to individuals than they are, or that those who adopt these destructive ideas have never tried to follow them through logically. I just cannot fathom why everyone doesn't understand the ethics of man as an end in himself. It seems self-evident; obviously it is not. Still, I bristle at the notion that Objectivism needs to be marketed. Perhaps this is because I'm in no way qualified to market it yet.


MP said...

Actually I forwarded the email to you because now any time anyone says "3 ring binder" I think of you! I had no idea you were looking for them (or would hoard such a large number!). But then, to each their own...

Lynne said...

Whatever! I still say, "Thanks."

By the way, I am not hoarding them as I have already given away 44 (leaving me with a mere 78). Should you need one (or seven) you know who to ask!