Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Even Mendeleev Would Be Delighted!

This is a very cool site from the University of Nottingham. Click on an element and a video featuring a groovy chemistry professor talks about its properties, historic functions, and other cool uses.

If you or your kids appreciate the beauty of the periodic table, not to mention mad scientist hair, these are the videos you've been waiting for.

Thanks to Home Chemistry blog for sharing.


Christina said...

I love it! I'm not a chemistry geek, but I can certainly appreciate the beauty of the periodic table of elements. And to further your enjoyment, here's Tom Leher singing The Elements Song with amusing animation to watch:

Lynne said...

Certainly worth the effort to copy and paste, the video is just a click away.

Thanks for the pointer. While the imagery perpetuated my common confusion between silicon and silicone, I still liked it.