Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Columbus Day

As the weather gets cooler, I’m gearing up for my favorite time of year - the fall. Early in the season, after the chaos of September, we hit a much appreciated long weekend with the Monday holiday named after Christopher Columbus: the man who brought Western Civilization to the Americas.

Lena Horne sings Gershwins' How Long Has This Been Going On

Ginger Rogers sings (and BONUS, dances with Fred Astaire to) Gershwins' They All Laughed

I thank my ten year-old for pointing out how much the Gershwins admired Christopher Columbus, but I fear for my sophomore who will learn in her American History class this year that Columbus was a murderer and should not be celebrated. I can hope she understands his importance while she listens to his detractors who take the form of her government school teachers.

Perhaps she is not too young to read and understand The Enemies of Christopher Columbus by Thomas Bowden. You, gentle reader, are just the right age.


Anonymous said...

You have a small but significant typo, "The Enemies of Christopher Columbus" is by Thomas Bowden, not Thomas Sowell.

Lynne said...

Thanks. I made the correction.