Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It worked for Prince Charming.

It is wrong to design my life around a shoe?
It’s not so much that I want these shoes, because really, I have no use for them. They are ridiculously impractical. What I want is a use for them, or more specifically, a lifestyle in which purchasing and wearing these shoes would somehow be right. But I have to face facts: even I were enormously wealthy, inordinately thin (not to mention graceful), and worked in the fashion industry I’ll just never again be young enough to pull off this look – I'm not even positive I was ever that young.

Even knowing this, I still find the red patent leather heels, pony hair animal (Dalmation?) print, and the peep toes beckoning to my very soul! C’mon – these shoes were designed for my alter ego who becomes apparent only through her wardrobe of unworn clothes which bedeck my closet.

I may appear to be a harried middle-aged mother of three on the outside, but inside, my attitude is rocking these shoes, and I do think that’s a good thing.


Beth said...

OK, so why not?
And if not these shoes, what is it that they speak to in you that could be lived/expressed/experienced another way?
I think we could all use a bit more of living our fantasies.

Michael Randall said...

Although, I don't care for your posts on WKC, and I am always perplexed by your missives on coffee cups, I can never get enough of your posts on shoes, handbags, and fashion.

Great shoes! And although I think you could still pull 'em off if you were so inclined, my thought when seeing these shoes is I need to find an amazing woman to take out for an evening just so I could see her in these shoes and the matching outfit.

LB said...

Aah! An insightful and probing question.

I think it's the "I can be saucy and tacky all I want - I may have kids but I'm still a woman" suburban housewife rebellious thing.

While I don't know this for a fact, I think they'd be a lot easier to remove than a tattoo!

LB said...

Thanks, Michael, I think.

I'll have you know that my posts on the WKC were well-received (as if that matters). Mostly they were really fun for me because I love dogs.

And I never realized until I started this blog how much I love shoes.

I think that finding an amazing woman to take to dinner will be a lot easier than finding a dress for her that can stand up to these shoes!

Michael Randall said...

Responding to your reply to Beth:

Saucy and tacky! What?! I think you need to reread your original post and do a bit more introspection.

Those shoes are anything but tacky. Saucy maybe, if you mean "Impertinent in an entertaining way; impossible to repress or control". But more importantly I do not see anything about these shoes that "go with" a tattoo.

As far finding the dress... ah, it might be challenging, but isn't that half the fun?

LB said...

Regarding "tacky", I think the shoe fits.

Kim said...

I think designing your life around these shoes would be proper and right. They are fabulous. I don't think young enters the equation. Cruella deVil was going for a Dalmation skin coat and she was no where near young (in the movie anyway). I think Dalmation skin shoes could be worn at any age!