Monday, March 23, 2009

Poached Pipes

LB's homemaking tip of the day:

Do NOT pour egg whites down the drain followed immediately by a hot water chaser.

Just call me Hell, Louise?!


Jenn Casey said...

Thank you for your wisdom Hell-louise. Noted for the future.

Lynne said...

Who knew?

Well, Stephen did and he found my idiocy quite humorous. It all comes from hating all egg preparations but scrambled!

Stephen Bourque said...

Yes, I must say that you haven't been paying enough attention to Alton Brown! :) It is for that same reason that you must temper eggs before adding them to a hot mixture - which is to say, you must work in a little bit of the hot mixture to the eggs first so that the eggs won't curdle.

Lynne said...

But this is what I hear: "Blah, blah, Alton Brown, blah, eggs, blah, blah." And I wonder where the kids get it from.