Friday, March 27, 2009

Revolutionary Healthcare

I couldn’t make this stuff up.

One hospital administration is actually taking its revolutionary healthcare ideas to the streets. CaritasChristi has developed not only this lovely “clenched fist” propaganda poster, but also a little video manifesto which starts off with the old-fashioned TV static of an analog set zeroing in on the station. As if we are in a state of emergency and someone, some one of The People, has had to commandeer the station to bring you news of the revolution which brings healthcare to the people.

How will Caritas provide this revolutionary healthcare?

Simple: “Quality By the People, For the People, and To the People.”

This is so disingenuous I don’t know where to begin. Clearly, the literally entitled People are not the doctors or other producers of medical devices or services, because I think they may have always thought of themselves as Quality. How about the consumers who are demanding, with a clenched fist no less, that the efforts of those producers be provided to them in a manner they see fit?

Nah. It can't be the consumers, because we've always had the right to demand that our needs be met by going elsewhere when the services are not to our liking. Caritas claims that as part of their “To the People” campaign, they bring those services to the consumers. So if the healthcare providers are not benefitting from clenching their fists, and the patients don’t need to clench their fists, one has to wonder – who exactly is the symbolic clenched fist?

In a word: government.

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