Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grading the First Day of School

A (the senior college boy): Has class from 3:00 straight through to 9:00 PM. “At least I got to sleep late.” B+ Of course, I talked to him before classes started.

K (the junior in high school): “Peer-wise, I’d give it an ‘F’. Teacher-wise, a ’B+’, so overall…a ‘C-‘.” Well, that’s encouraging.

V (the sixth grade homeschooler): “History was good. I had a little trouble with math.” C/D

LB (the supposedly responsible adult): Not a good day for man nor beast! The kid was the man and I was the beast! It became increasingly difficult to assume positive intent when my only student made statements such as this: “Four times three is seven.” It was a long and apparently brain draining summer. D-

The actual day was beautiful so we got outside a bit, collected eggs, and picked up V’s Wizard of Oz video. So, I've decided that I’m going to leave school behind for today with this encouraging thought: Tomorrow is another day.


Christina said...

Tuesday was our first day, and O. got at least eight out of forty *single digit* multiplication problems wrong in his "warm-up" for math. Today, all were correct (and more speedily completed). So while brain drain does happen, I think they get back in the groove more quickly as they get older.

Best of luck tomorrow, Monster Mama! Or should I send those lucky vibes to V.? : )

Cheryl said...

A. is back in school? Excellent!
Homeschooling in my house has been along these lines lately: I'm tired of doing this. You're on your own. I exaggerate, but still.

Lynne said...

Today has been a very good day. I just needed to adjust my expectations on the tightness of my daughter's thinking cap and tighten my own. That, and it's gorgeous out!

Did you think A. was living in my basement? You know that's not happening. He never left school except for summer break, but he seems to be enjoying himself back there. This is a very good thing, indeed.