Wednesday, September 2, 2009

PSA: Cash for Cluckers

From this month's newsletter:
You may not be able to trade in your old jalopy anymore, but you can plunk down a little bit of cash ($41.50) and get a lot of cluckers: 25! All female, too!

The normal price for these birds, plus shipping, is $100.

Orders can ship as soon as next week.

Offer Valid on:
* Easter Eggers
* Rainbow Variety Pack
* Rhode Island Reds
* Barred Rocks

Sale price:
List price: $100.00


Cheryl said...

This morning, the Today Show had a segment on raising chickens in the city. There was a family from Brooklyn and one from, I think, Harlem. I thought of you, of course.

Lynne said...

I'd rather be thought of when you saw Ann Curry's shoes - but okay, I'll take it. I do love those birds, though. It's just odd.