Saturday, September 12, 2009

Put Away the Pearls and Retract That Pinky!

This is not that kind of tea party.

Since we couldn’t make it to Washington, D.C. this weekend, I’ve decided to host a mini virtual Tea Party protest right here on 3 Ring Binder.

You regular readers (Hi, Bob!) may recall that I was particularly reticent to join what I was certain was a worthy cause because of the slate of mixed messages – some of which I found plain wrong – supported by the various protestors. I am not a Republican, I am not a shill for any special interest group, I am not against the American government. I support those who are rallying to protest the burgeoning governmental programs proposed under guise of promoting the common welfare at the expense of individual rights. I support the very principles on which this country was built.

To start this party, I offer you some quick videos regarding the principles underlying these tea party protests.

Here is Dr. John Lewis giving his tea party speech in Boston on the Fourth of July this year. Dr. Lewis gets right to the heart of the matter in how the corruption of the term “rights” has fed the notion that we are all entitled to have our whims, wishes, and desires met by the government rather than the rights to our own lives, liberty, property, and the ability to pursue our own happiness.

Finally, I want to provide you with the best source regarding the fundamentals of rights and government that I have ever read: Ayn Rand’s essays on Man’s Rights and the Nature of Government.

When we understand the morality of living for oneself, it is a short walk to appreciating the governmental role in protecting those individual rights (of which the American government is still the best model), and subsequently identifying all that infringe on those rights as detrimental to man's life.

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