Monday, September 28, 2009

I’ve Been Sampled

Thanks to my IT guy, I finally have my Photoshop installed on my new laptop, the brains from my old desktop and laptop secured in a 1TB external hard drive, and actual room on one of my three desks for my laptop (I can’t sit in bed with a breakfast tray for a desk all day). Because I’ve become somewhat interested in simple video editing lately, Stephen also installed some sound effects program he had hanging around called Sound Forge Audio Studio 8.

In exploring the sound effects that came with the sound studio software, I came across the ambient sound of a crowd, specifically Bar Crowd Loop 01.wav. In listening to the four second effect, I was shocked to hear my own voice! Yes. I’m quite sure I’ve been sampled in this bar crowd. The strange thing is that I don’t ever remember saying, “Yes, cup of Gerry mon….psycho theatre scent of Gerry mon”. And you’d think I’d remember saying a thing like that.

Here is my five second video with the voice, which is not mine but could have been, beginning at 1 second. Seriously, the vocal similarities are uncanny. I used a picture that Stephen took of me the other night in my natural habitat: squatting down by the edge of an unmade bed in order to quickly check something on the computer, blowing my bangs out of my face in frustration.

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