Sunday, February 28, 2010

3 Good Things (Good, Betta, Best)

1. Good: this article about linguistic pet peeves.  As someone who has them, I enjoyed it, but I take issue with the author’s use of persons regarding the 5,000 fans.  Yes, the number is specific, but clearly, it is also an estimate, so non-specific at the same time.  More controversy here.
2.  Betta: Introducing our new betta,  Danny. (He’s red.) 

3. Best: This “My Funky Valentine” episode of Modern Family. This is the best new sit-com I’ve seen in a long while, and this episode made me laugh until I could hardly breathe.  Oddly, this is a good thing.  Warning, the husband is often too stupid to be funny, but mostly, even he is worth watching. Give it a minute (or 22), but hurry. This episode is on Hulu for only another three days.

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