Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vampiric Technician

I kept seeing this book cover as a tiny advertising image on the sidebar of a web page.  Every time I saw it, without fail, I was unsettled by what I saw.  The elements of the cover that I could discern, the woman’s exposed back, her right arm above her head, and the big hand pushing her forward added up to a disturbing situation. I had to check it out.


Seeing the book’s title and the intense stare and left hand placement of the open-shirted vampire has lessened my agitation and cured me of my mistaken interpretation. 

Sure.  The woman is about to have her blood sucked out by a vampire and become one of the undead for eternity, but at least I know she's not there for a mammogram.


The Me said...

Ha ha ha. It is a creepy looking image!

Lynne said...

"Creepy" is the perfect word. But, oddly, made less so now that I at least know what it's about.