Sunday, April 25, 2010

Do You Miss Freddie, Too?

When I heard that Freddie Mercury died, I cried. I remember it because I felt it was an odd reaction for me to have: I didn't know him, I don't think I even owned any Queen albums at the time, I simply enjoyed hearing and watching him sing. He seemed particularly benevolent for a glam rock god, but more importantly, he seemed to thrive while singing and performing. He made me happy.

I enjoy this Mika song for the same reason. He does a terrific job in capturing not only the sounds, but the joy of Freddie Mercury, even if he is poking fun at sounding like him.  I have no idea what the tie is to Grace Kelly other the little girl lip-syncing (sort of creepy), but I can still enjoy the music video.

In case you were wondering, I do know that the song is from 2007, but I've been busy, okay?


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