Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am more than happy to admit that my life is like ...

Today, we should all be happy.  Today is Tax Freedom Day in Massachusetts - a calculation of the day upon which the average citizen of Massachusestts, if he works at the same rate for the entire year, will have been able to meet his tax obligations to federal, state, and local governments for that year beginning January 1.  


If you're a Survivor and just Can't Hold Back, I have a little test for you. 
How many essentially 80s allusions can you find in this video? 

Grease (Bad Sandy - yes, I know it was the 70s),
Risky Business (making out in the train),
LoverBoy (red leather pants - c'mon - no one does those like Mike Reno),
Flashdance (dance moves and clothing),
Yellow Pumps - 'nuff said.
The nun doesn't count - she's timeless.

And in case you missed it last night, here's Sue Sylvester's Vogue from Glee!


Jenn Casey said...

That Sue Sylvester-Vogue thing was so funny!!! I'm so happy GLEE is back in my life!

Congrats on Freedom Day. I've been free for 6 days and didn't even know it.

Lynne said...

While it didn't have the exact same intensity, my immediate reaction to seeing the Glee geeks last night was very similar to whenever I opened a new Harry Potter book.

I missed those crazy kids!

And thanks. We obviously have better government services up here than you do down there. :P