Wednesday, April 21, 2010


What do you think of our new product design logo?

Dozen it look sharp?

Okay. That's un oeuf.


C. August said...

Are you selling eggs? What do you feed your chickens? Do they get to forage and eat bugs and things?

Lynne said...

Nope. We can't sell them - that would trigger some regulations I'm sure (my earlier egg carton design reflects that reality, but I chose not to post it). We trade with neighbors (one for honey, one for subsidizing the chicken feed) and they make excellent hostess gifts.

They are free-range during the day insofar as they can range in their chicken tractor - a 9'x14' dog pen that moves in the yard. We're looking into adding flax into their diets.

I'll have to get a video of what happens when one finds a worm. They all get very excited as you can imagine!