Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Inner Workings

Sometimes, like when I see things like the order of her closet, I get concerned about the inner workings of my daughter's mind.

Then I see things like this taped to her door.

The Clueless Series

Mrs. White: The Dark Place

55 years after Emily Shwartz runs away from a horrible history,
a "Mrs. White" finds herself teaching an incompetent, German
parlor maid how to make a pot roast.  But when a mysterious and
yet incredibly boring man appears on Mrs. White's employer's
doorsteps, Mrs. White's life becomes considerably more
surprising.  Unwelcome memories come back to her.  Uniformed men
ask her questions. With the help of an odd women who is part-
icularly fond of a certain bird, Mrs. S. Rouge, and a portly
detective, Mrs. White uncovers a mystery with shocking results.


What I love about this little bit of insight into her mind is that she is not only intent on writing a series of stories using the characters from the game of Clue, but also that she intends to do so on the 1959 Royal Deluxe manual typewriter.

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