Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Blogger After My Own Heart

I added it to my sidebar a while ago, but I wanted to formally introduce the blog Retrieverman.  It is consistently interesting and enjoyable to read as the writer discusses all kinds of fascinating aspects of dog life from the evolution of the dog to fun dog (and sometimes cat, cat-like, and other animal) pictures and videos. It is alternatively serious and seriously fun, but seldom saucy (as I sometimes get).

From About Retrieverman:

I am technically qualified to write about the following things: Western history, especially as it pertains to the international political economy; politics, international politics and political economy; and campaign strategy and current political intrigue.
There will be very little of that on this blog.
I will mainly write about dogs and their place in our society, the history of that relationship, and how that relationship can be improved.
I will also write about nature and ecology. I am full of nature writing and meditations on nature, as well as interesting stories about wild animals, including those that lived near me when I was growing up in West Virginia.
I am prone to writing stories about my childhood dogs and bragging about my current dog. As you may have noticed, I love golden retrievers, and I have a deep appreciation for their history and that of their close relations.

Hello? What's not to love?

He recently posted an understated review of the this year's winner of the WKC Dog Show including his desire that an anti-peke should win (I felt and tweeted the same).  And he used a Robert Burns poems to celebrate the Scottish Deerhound's win!

While my thirty days of dog bloject is officially over, if you find yourself missing my canine copy, Retrieverman will more than bring it back for you -- and in better condition!

Go visit.


BorderWars said...

Retrieverman rocks. Almost as much as Ayn Rand, plus his prose is less dense.

Lynne said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting BorderWars. Your dog blog rocks, too! I'm still working my way through the interesting GSD info.