Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dog Sung Blue

Mr. Bojangles

I know that it’s not about a dog, but it is one of the songs I think of when I think of dog songs.  In my mind, this song will forever be enmeshed with this movie. No reason other than I was probably introduced to them around the same time, and the dog up and dies.  It’s true that in the story, the boy also dies, but did I mention the DOG up and dies?  


Ew. Hippie. Well, it was 1970.

The was THE sad dog song of my youth (WildFire, THE sad horse song). Imagine my horror to find out only this morning that this song was written for not one, but two Irish Setters named Shannon!  To see the story of Henry Gross’ inspiration for writing this song here (half way down the page).  Somehow, it is less sad to me now on both counts – hippiness and dopey-dogness.

Echo Mountain

It’s the old tale of the much loved, but wronged hound dog. If you listen/watch and need help figurin’ out them ol’ cowboy lyrics, see here.

Better With You There

I don’t like country music, but the juxtaposition of the primitive dog art with the twangy music started to get to me by the end.

I'm frightened.   

Can February 15th come (and go) soon enough? 

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