Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time-Lapse Tuesday: Drinking Dog

I had no idea the motion of its tongue was so complicated! It’s no wonder that when I tried to imitate the action as a little kid pretending to be a dog, my forward lapping thing seemed so inadequate. What I thought was a simple roll of the tongue to scoop the water into its mouth is really a shallow front roll and big back of the tongue curled lift motion. Two scoops! I’m not sure it’s any more efficient than my earlier efforts, however, it certainly explains the splash range around the water bowl.

Since I’m guessing that some of you are trying to mimic that motion right now, I’ll tell you while all mammals may have the same set of tongue muscles, I don’t think we can make that shape

If you want to test your ability to identify the name and placement of Canine Tongue Muscles – and who wouldn’t—here’s a little quiz for you. 

I got a 28%. 

Go me.

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