Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Fun: Scattered Historic Slogans

Found in the ephemera of my daughter's constant doodling, here is a curious list of scattered historic statements and slogans. I thought some of them were random ideas without historical significance, but, as she so gleefully explained, I was wrong.

Your task is to put them in chronological order - bonus points for telling me the historic significance of each.

For those of you not fluent in reading my homeschooler's lamentable handwriting, here is the list:

No taxation without representation
Let them eat cake!
Et tu, Brute?
Liberty or death!
Blood and iron
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
Know thyself
HA. H and A spells "HA."
Thus, with a kiss, I die.
They ride on sticks!
The die is cast.


HaynesBE said...

here's what I got off the top of my head:
Eureka! –Archimedes
Know thyself – Socrates
Et tu, Brute? – Ides of March, Julius Ceasar
Liberty or death! – Patrick Henry 177?
No taxation without representation – Am Revolution 1776
Let them eat cake! –Marie Antoinette Fr. Revolution -1789 ?
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity – French Revolution 1789
Blood and iron – Bismark

No idea on these:
HA. H and A spells "HA."
Thus, with a kiss, I die. Romeo and Juliet?
They ride on sticks!
The die is cast.

Lynne said...

Very good! Thanks for playing.

Alea jacta est (The die is cast) When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon in pursuit of Pompeii ~49

The others are tentatively historically significant.

HA!- I'm told that an embroidered symbol for Henry and Anne (intertwined H and A) became the symbol for ridicule of their marriage HA! ~1533

Romeo and Juliet line included to have something from the Elizabethan period. ~1580s

They ride on sticks! Referring to some of the wild accusations of the bored little girls in Salem, sparking the Witchcraft trials. ~1690s

Her mind works in mysterious ways.