Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Fun: Fluffing

If additional stimulation is needed to get you all in the proper Dog Show state of mind, I offer you this challenge:

Identify as many dog breeds (1-12) represented in this year’s WKC poster as you can without looking them up. 

Just for reference, I was pretty confident that I could correctly identify 10 of the 12, until @WKCDOGS informed me otherwise! But I think I have some excellent guesses in any case.  By way of contrast, Stephen identified four of them (one of whom he trips on every morning – but color me impressed: 4 is 2 more than I thought he would be able to identify).  

By the way, sheepdog will only earn you a half-point provided it’s attached to the right dog(s), Mop and Mop’s Brother, though perhaps clever, will not earn you any points, and finally, while Aikido is a type of Japanese martial arts, and CBGB was a punk club in New York City, neither is a breed of dog (and neither the Akita, nor the PBGV are on this poster). 

Let the games begin.

Real Dog Show Fluffing


Stephen Bourque said...

Hey, if guessing "sheepdog" is worth half a point, I'm pretty sure that gives me a score of 5, not 4. If I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure I wrote down "sheepdog" for those two!

Lynne said...

True. But you're the reason I added the proviso: provided it's attached to the right dog(s). You tried, though. I give you points for that.