Friday, April 1, 2011

In Appreciation of the Stylists of America

By the way things look, as well as the way they perform, our homes acquire new grace, new glamor, new accommodations expressing not only the American love of beauty, but also the basic freedom of the American people which is the freedom of individual choice. 

Is it any wonder that I love mid-century modern design? Yes, the very idea that Americans have cornered the market on love of beautiful design is ridiculous, but the pride in having the freedom of choice and the embrace of modern convenience is what makes me want to tie on my polka-dotted apron and celebrate it every time I encounter it.

Some of the cool beans designs shown:
Ericofon (Swedish)
Bertoia chairs
Eames rocker and chairs (and cards)
Barcelona chair (German)
Troppo table (looks like a new design)
And tons of other Danish designs.

And then there's Zooey Deschanel.

Click on the speaker icon to hear my favorite designer 
(clip can be viewed if you click on her words).

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Lynne said...

The American Stylists Part II: design for business, leisure, and architecture.
Part III: the dream to design process.