Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Care and Protection of Charles

I just dropped off my Home Education Proposal for my ten eleven year-old at the superintendent's office and eagerly await her review and response. I'm two days late (because I forgot to deliver it rather than postponed developing it), but I'm done meeting my requirements for the Care and Protection of Charles for another year - I hope.

In Massachusetts, in accordance with the Charles decision, we must supply the following information:
  1. Teacher Qualifications
  2. Proposed Curriculum
  3. Evaluation of Student Progress
  4. Requests to Participate in Extra-Curricular Activities at the Public School

The first she has on file and the second I provided. Regarding method of evaluation to be submitted, I usually like to invite the superintendent to my daughter's performances; however, I find this thought less hilarious as my daughter's musical abilities improve. The one and only time I asked about the fourth, I was denied.

I think everything will be okay so long as she doesn't read my last post. Then there could be some controversy regarding qualifications.

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