Thursday, July 23, 2009

How Deep Does it Go?

Would you rather go to the grocery store and choose your own sustenance, or have your wages garnished and only good food chosen for you?

Do you like driving your car to your chosen destinations, or would you rather have free transportation bringing you near enough to where you want to go?

Have you enjoyed controlling the environment within your own home or would you rather your standards of comfort be dictated by others who know better than you?

To me, the answers to these questions seem obvious – I want what I want, when it is available and I can pay for it. The more choices that are available to me, the more I can live my life according to my own values. I want to have the ability to spend my money on salted pistachios, gasoline, or oil and electricity when it suits my needs or desires. I want to buy alcohol, go for joy rides, or freeze my ass off when I’m sleeping in the summertime. I want to choose my own doctor, decide whether or not I can afford certain procedures, and live my life according to the facts of reality, not the paternal beneficence of an all-knowing and all-powerful Wizard of Oz.

I want to direct my own life. And I want you to be able to direct your own – but not mine.

Is it simply a matter of thinking that others know better; that good is good enough? How far are we willing to let our standards of liberty fall? What will it take for us for to wake up to the fact that our government does not grant us rights by permission, but that the government was painstakingly constructed by our founding fathers to protect our rights as “natural” and “unalienable”? How far backwards do we have to bend to think that each piece of new legislation preserves our rights, rather than curtails our ability to direct our own lives? How much longer will we clamor for more control over our choices? And what will life be like when the government, appealing to the destructive ideology of self-sacrifice, successfully hoodwinks the voters into believing that this cancer of regulations is in our own best interests? How deep does this falsehood go?

We’re now seeing the results of generations of believing that lie, and it promises to get worse, fast – if we let it.

Each man has a right to exist for his own sake. This is the morality which must be upheld by our government “instituted among men, deriving their powers from the consent of the governed”.


Beth said...

"Each man has a right to exist for his own sake."

From this, comes the rest.

Well said.

LB said...

But why is this not better understood?

Slogging forward, trying not to get too frustrated by the overwhelming injustice.

Beth said...

Why is it not understood?
Because A is A--Altruism is Altruism--which explicitly denies that statement.

Unfortunately, that doesn't help the slog.