Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Schoolhouse Rock Wednesday: The Preamble

As my pleas to sing Schoolhouse Rock songs in chorus have apparently fallen on deaf ears, this will be my last in the series of Wednesday efforts on the matter. (Darn! That's the end.) But don't be dismayed. I'm certain this will not be my last use of Schoolhouse Rock.

This one, in particular, bears re-watching every so often.


Michael said...

Hi LB,

A Google Alert on "schoolhouse rock" preamble led me to this post.

I don't know if it'll interest you, but last year, inspired by "The Preamble," I took some lines from the Declaration of Independence, set them to music and recorded them with my family. The result is here. I hope that if you listen you like it.

Best wishes,
Michael Greenspan
Aspiring Objectivist

LB said...

Thanks, Michael. It's another great part to know by heart.

Fiddler said...

Sorry, dear friend. I did propose your theme idea on at least two occasions, but, given we just got off the Musicals train, we were up for something completely different. Get ready to sing The Bells and Double, Double Toil and Trouble, among other lovely poetically-inspired songs.

LB said...

Ooh. Can I sing the "Something wicked this way comes" at the end of the HP song?

It's an idea I can warm up to.